Donkersloot at Amusée

Opposite the famous Rijksmuseum is the classic restaurant aMusée and the Peter Donkersloot Galerie.

aMusée is a French brasserie with an artistic touch; every season an exhibition opens in style and from 20 June the show starts with paintings by Peter Donkersloot in collaboration with Peter Donkersloot Galerie.

The opening is finished Saturday 20 June from 16.00 pm to 18.00 pmr (artist present) and Sunday 21 June from 17.00 pm to 19.00 pm, to be reserved in blocks of 30 minutes via this link:

To reserve : www.aMusée-amsterdam

It is also possible to reserve dinner after the event.

(This event is organized in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM)

Weteringschans 75
1017RX Amsterdam

All the works below can be viewed during opening hours of aMusée
and for sale through the website or gallery.