Product information

Original Painting
with original painted by Donkersloot frame.

The original works of Donkersloot usually have the format 120 x 150 cm, these works are unique and also serve as a starting point for a painted graph, which usually has the format 120 x 100 cm. Then the painting is a painted graphic in edition and priced much lower. For example, a work by Donkersloot is accessible to a wider audience. All works are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Painted graphics
with original painted by Donkersloot frame.

The Giclée technique has been specially developed to meet the critical requirements of Fine Art collectors and connoisseurs of museum quality limited editions. The original artwork is digitally recorded, after which the digital file is ready for the final print through various technical adjustments.

The term Giclée is of French origin and means "blasting" or "nebulizing", which denotes a technique that uses continuous ink jets to apply the different color layers.

The giclees are also painted, signed and numbered by Donkersloot, the artist himself.


A monoprint is created by making a print of a hand-colored or processed traditional printing surface (for example an etched plate or screen), the monoprints of Donkersloot are printed on a painted substrate that is unique in every work. The monoprints are numbered and made in series, so each work in that series is ultimately a unique copy.

Screen printing

A screen print, or Silk-screen printing is a printing technique used for multiple graphic purposes, such as textile printing, posters and art prints.

The principle of the screen printing technique is transparent. A piece of fine polyester or steel mesh is stretched over a frame. The screen printing frame is then provided with a photosensitive layer which is exposed by means of a position film. The dark areas present on the positive side are washed away during development to create permeable spots on the screen printing frame through which the ink is pressed. The screen printing can be one or more colors.