Koot and Bie | Frank van Putten Painting Peter Donkersloot
Koot and Bie | Frank van Putten painting Donkersloot
Koot and Bie | Portrait Frank van Putten
Koot and Bie | Portrait Frank van Putten

Koot and Bie | Portrait Frank van Putten

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Unique portrait painting from the series "Insane by Mommy"
portrait of Frank van Putten

Painting three-dimensionally painted over baroque frame

Carla and Frank van Putten were two characters, mother and son, played by Kees van Kooten en Wim de Bie. They came 12 in total sketches for in episodes of the television program Looked at the week from the duo Van Kooten and De Bie. This is the only time that van Kooten plays the role of a woman, while De Bie then plays the role of a man.[1]

The type Carla van Putten, a blonde widow with long earrings and a high, screaming voice, existed as early as the 1990s. In XNUMX, son Frank, always dressed in a long raincoat with a tie, spoke strangely with a raised mouth and a suggested personality disorder or other psychological problems. The occasion was the social and political discussion about it registered partnership. In a scene, Carla goes to the town hall with Frank in a white wedding dress to get a "low-fat letter" in vain.

Frank is a litter and despite his middle age still lives with his mother, who patronizes him continuously. That leads to great frustration with Frank. They often walk arm in the street, where mother has to make a hop pass to get in equal step with her son. Meanwhile, he lets his mother rebel and delights sexual fantasies about a "nice part of a girl" to "roll with". However, he always realizes that he does not have a "nice chick" to "roll around" with, but he is "treated for that". He only has his mother.