Rijksmuseum in spring | Peter Donkersloot
Rijksmuseum in spring | Peter Donkersloot

Rijksmuseum in spring | Peter Donkersloot

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Donkersloot meets Rembrandt

This year we honor Rembrandt van Rijn. 350 years ago, on October 4, 1669, the most famous Dutch artist died in Amsterdam. The miller's son, originally from Leiden, was a rebel: he ignored the rules of art and in the meantime developed into one of the greatest artists and storytellers of the Golden Age. Yet his life and career were not one big success story. Turbulent love affairs, financial worries, disappointments in the professional field and the loss of loved ones, he got it all in his choice ... This year, countless exhibitions, publications and events in the Netherlands and beyond bring us a little closer to the artist and man Rembrandt, a man of flesh and blood.

The well-known contemporary painter Peter Donkersloot is a great admirer:
Rembrandt is known for his penetrating and powerful portraiture, of both individuals and groups. This, together with his superior painting skills, his atmospheric handling of light and his mastery of chiaroscuro, make him one of the best painters of all time. '
With a recent series of paintings, Donkersloot created a personal tribute. He brings Rembrandt to life in today's Amsterdam. Also figures - family, loved ones, friends and patrons - from Rembrandt's most beautiful paintings have 'stepped out of their frames' and walk - each with their own story - in a surprising journey through the city ...

About this painting:

Rembrandt's son Titus and his mother Saskia van Uylenburg watch how the maid Hendrickje Stoffels, cools down in the pond in front of the Rijksmuseum. Saskia, a perfect lady, doesn't like this distraction at all, and wants Titus to do his homework. She even does not know that Hendrickje would later become the mistress and even wife of her husband Rembrandt. It is a radiant, warm spring day and the famous Staalmeesters also catch a breath of fresh air on the museum square. The men in their cloth costumes are watching the scantily clad woman with interest. Even the young girl who portrayed Rembrandt in the open window was lured out by the lovely weather. She would love to bathe in the cool water as well. Maybe that nice curly boy on the other side wants that too, she is thinking ...